Sagecor is a complete engineering services company that employs top-level talent who possess the expertise to provide customers with true full-lifecycle System Engineering Services.

Sagecor offers services beginning as early as the Research phase, where basic analysis is performed and prototypes as proof-of-concept are built.

During the crucial planning phase of a system, Sagecor’s team of Systems Engineers, SETA Services professionals, and Knowledge Management experts make sure each customer is prepared to define its program requirements, begin design activities, and manage the planning for development through lifecycle support & sustainment.

After the System Development begins, Sagecor has Hardware and Software engineers prepared to work alongside our customers in the Design and Build of the system.

Our processes ensure robust technical expertise, access to time-tested procedures, and successful program execution.

When the primary system components are completed, Sagecor’s team of Integration and Test engineers will integrate and test the customer’s system to guarantee the components function as part of the larger system.

Upon completion of Acceptance Testing, Sagecor employs Systems Administrators to ensure that the system remains sustained and operational for the length of the mission.

Sagecor’s “cradle-to-grave” experts provide our customers with the peace of mind that we can provide the expertise to meet any challenge.

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Serving Maryland and the Greater Washington D.C. area, Sagecor Solutions (Sagecor) is a growing company bringing complete engineering services and true full lifecycle System Engineering services to areas requiring (or desiring) nationally-recognized expertise in high performance computing, large data analytics and cutting edge information technologies.

Founded by Adam Smith, the company leverages his fourteen year Intelligence Community experience as the sole proprietor and CEO. Sagecor has on staff hundreds of years  of expertise in Research, Systems Engineering, Hardware and Software Design, as well as System Testing and Integration, Lifecycle Management, and Knowledge Management among others. See the full list below. Though equipped to meet the needs of various government and commercial markets, Sagecor’s primary customer is the Intelligence Community.
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Services & Expertise


To stay at the forefront of our field, our employees stay abreast of the latest technologies and actively conduct research.

  • Our employees are well versed in creating reliable and sustainable HPC technology.
  • We have employees with a history of optics research and development and can apply it to HPC technology.
  • We are experienced in developing high precision chip and device level components.

Knowledge Management/Business Intelligence

We efficiently handle information and other resources throughout project.

  • We have experience creating and implementing the overarching Configuration Policy for all business and support systems for large government programs.
  • We possess customer management-centric personnel that are adept at interfacing with clients.
  • Our team has expertise in collaborative software, expert systems, and developing “lessons-learned” strategies.
  • Our employees are well-versed and certified in KM application and systems such as Microsoft SharePoint.

Hardware & Firmware Design and Test

We design & build custom hardware, work with COTS systems, and provide bottom-up analysis and testing.

  • We have experience designing and creating custom architectures, hardware, and PCBs as well as modifying COTS hardware to suit custom needs.
  • We are well-versed with various types of encryption equipment.
  • Employees are competent in Verilog, VHDL, and other design languages.
  • We specialize in FPGA design and are experienced in massively parallel systems.


We have personnel steeped in government acquisition, systems engineering, and contracting with the full range of skills necessary to address both Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and Department of Defense (DoD) project, program and portfolio activities across all program level designations (e.g., Major Systems Acquisition, Tiered Program designated, QRC). We assist our customers in specifying their requirements, performing design activities, and providing analyses of alternatives for “make or buy” decisions.

  • We have employees with 20+ years of experience in strategic planning, project / program / portfolio definition, managing defense contracts, and successfully implementing the full acquisition lifecycle of activities.
  • Many of our employees have previous ODNI, IC, DoD and civil service experience.
  • Our employees have experience developing and implementing Capabilities Based process frameworks to link strategy, capability gaps, resource investment, and acquisition efforts.
  • We assist in production, procurement, and management activities, providing support to oversight of needed capabilities, addressing the full lifecycle of project / program requirements, including sustainment and disposal / closeout.


Our software team uses established processes and tools to ensure software is designed to meet requirements. Rigorous testing practices and thorough reviews ensure our software is as bug-free as possible.

  • Our team has years of experience with multiple languages from assembly through Fourth Generation languages, as well as operating systems, shells, and website development languages.
  • We know proper configuration management with multiple CM systems.
  • We have low-level programming experience in assembly, C, working with registers, PID controllers, interrupt service routines, memory protection, and parallelism.
  • We also have high-level programming experience creating messaging protocols, sophisticated fault detection &correction algorithms, and testing software.

Systems Engineering

Our systems engineers help manage our customers’ complex systems from initial concept through design, implementation, and sustainment. We help balance interconnected sub-systems and integrate them to achieve comprehensive capabilities with seamless interaction.

  • We have years of experience with end-to-end systems work – from integrating budget, requirements, & schedule elements linked to  system solutions supported by tailored testing regimes confirming customer requirements are met.
  • We’ve managed sub-systems, systems, and organizational relationships spanning multiple technical and systems disciplines to ensure project / program success.
  • We have designed complete system architectures for complex systems, fully describing them in terms useful to managers, hardware engineers, software engineers, and contract personnel.
  • We are proficient in risk management and risk mitigation policy, processes, procedures, and specific customer systems permitting us to spot risks and highlight them to the government before they become issues.

System Test

From System Validation Testing to Stress Testing, we provide the confidence that our customers’ systems are running to specification. Our employees verify our customers’ systems meet the requirements.

  • We have decades of experience in full life cycle testing and requirement traceability.
  • We are experience with automated testing and nightly build tests & test reporting.
  • We provide a full suite of end user acceptance tests.
  • Several employees have developed and lead system testing efforts across a myriad of projects and industries.
  • Our team has implemented and deployed several commercially available bug tracking systems and integrated them with requirements and tests to produce detailed views of the state of systems.
  • We are familiar and capable with CMMI standards for robust systems.

System Integration

Using a variety of methods, we integrate our customers’ subsystems into a cohesive unit. Regression testing provides knowledge that the subsystems functionality is retained as a part of the whole.

  • We have experience planning and executing system integration for massive systems.
  • We have skilled writers to develop procedures and integration test plans.
  • Our team has experience being test conductors and running full system integration tests.
  • Our team is highly skilled with High Performance Computing.
  • Sagecor employees have knowledge of advanced data storage technologies and high-speed network interfaces.

System Administration

Sagecor keeps our customers’ systems up and running through years of experience. When there is a problem, we can troubleshoot the issue to ensure maximum system uptime.

  • We possess expert experience with multiple operating systems and architectures including Linux, Solaris, certified UNIX, AIX, and Windows.
  • We are skilled in reporting enterprise-level status and metrics to customers and management.
  • We can support OSC business and support systems in the five discipline areas of CM.
  • Sagecor employees hold multiple certifications in networking, MSE, cyber security, and other areas.
  • We are experienced with many types of hardware Dell servers, Sun blades, routers, switches, supercomputers.
  • We have skills with automated scripts and computer forensic analysis.


Sagecor attracts premium talent by offering a top-notch benefit and salary package. We employ entry-level to highly-experienced personnel and we are always seeking strong talent. We pride ourselves on our skill development and consider each employee a vital and important member of the team.

The company employs a flat oversight structure, which makes direct communication with executive management an easy task. We utilize the concept of ‘Team Leads.’ Team Leads, while not supervisors, guide junior employees and work alongside them to ensure project success. We believe in the mentor/protégé relationship.

Each employee voice is an important piece of the Sagecor team and is critical to the success of the company. Sagecor is always looking for strong candidates to fill our growing list of leadership roles and team lead positions. If you possess skills that you believe are beneficial to Sagecor, please send us your resume.

Sagecor is always looking for talented individuals with the following Skills:

  • High Performance Computing Specialists
  • Data Scientists
  • Hardware Engineers
  • Firmware Engineers
  • Cloud Engineers
  • Embedded/Reverse Engineers
  • Cyber Security Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • System Engineers
  • Software Engineers
  • Test Engineers
  • Technical Writers

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